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A communal satellite dish system

Satellite TV for residences within the same building

We offer a total service of design and build, specialising in Multi Outlet Systems for blocks of flats, housing associations, hotels and more.


These systems can be installed in new builds or as part of a refurbishment program.


The IRS solution means you do not have to favour any one particular supplier of TV programming, leaving the choice to the customer and the property fully ready with digital Technology.

Communal TV system installations in Eastbourne

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A communal satellite dish splitter system


Master Antenna Television or MATV systems differ from IRS by only offering Digital TV, Freeview and DAB Radio. For those projects where giving residents the optimum choice of satellite TV is not a prime objective – such as affordable housing, care homes, or hospitals. This can result in a cost saving.


The system operates via a launch amplifier which is installed to receive, process and combine the signals before distributing them through a digitally screened coaxial cable network to an outlet plate, which the TV or radio is then connected to. Over large distances fibre optical technology can be applied.


Satellite Master Antenna Television or SMATV systems are often used in environments where the number and type of channels available needs to be controlled i.e. care homes, hospitals, holiday resorts and hotels.


A head-end unit is installed to receive the signals from a digital aerial, satellite dish or in some cases both. This unit processes the signals into the pre-selected range of channels and distributes them to each point.


Guests can then access selected satellite or Freeview channels independently of each other.